E-commerce gets a boutique facelift with Natty.in

Natisha Saraogi founder of Natty.in curates and aggregates the best of Indian design on offer. We aren’t talking just about fashion, but the entire range or products your heart desires — from authentic hand crafted Indian apparel to ethnic furnishings, avant-garde accessories, organic produce and everything  you ever dreamt of  in a nursery

Launched in June 2016, Natty.in was born with the vision to present a marketplace portal that gives as much importance to sellers as to buyers. To tell a story behind each brand and each product and highlight why it is different.

Speaking candidly to FC Natisha reveals, “As the portal grows we will see a dynamic shift from curating Indian brands to aggregating them, however, our sentiments of showcasing brand India will always be at the fore. We hope to grow into a large enterprise organically. Thus we will be featuring many boutique labels, but we have a strict quality control and ideological preference behind who we feature.”

Natty.in focuses on providing a refreshing shopping experience where customers can discover differentiated products imagined and made by talented homegrown creative entrepreneurs.