I’m finding my sound: Manchanda

Singer Anushka Manchanda is quite flexible and juggles many a role — from television (she was Channel [V] Popstar discovery) and cinema (has acted in Angry Indian Goddesses) to internet (has an online channel I Am Nuka to her credit). These days Manchanda is basking in the success of her latest single Don’t be Afraid, which was released on her online channel and has become an instant hit.

Evidently, the lady is curious enough to try new things. Internet, she believes, is the future. “The pros are that it gives the power in the hands of the artiste himself. If you are smart and you learn to use these tools, you can win at this game. The cons are that there is a lot of noise, a lot of unnecessary content that a user will have to wade through to get to you. Once he or she does though, they will stay if your content is good,” says Manchanda.

With an online channel to herself, the singer-actor has her best bets on internet. “We have so much talent, all that talent needs is a platform to showcase itself. Internet itself offers that platform, so much nothing else is needed. Of course, it is nice to have the support of a label or a show or a brand, but there are many success stories that have made it on their own.”

But what about I Am Nuka?  “Nuka is an alias of sorts. A platform through which I can express myself without any interference from anybody. Where I have full creative freedom and control. It is a space through which I want to experiment with different mediums of art... photography, music, cinema. A place where I can use my technical skills to produce music and create visual content,” says the 35-year-old, who has donned the hat of a music producer, editor and a visual artiste for the channel.

“Currently, the music I am producing is quite fluid. I am experimenting, finding my sound. So in a sense I am flowing across genres. But some things are constant... the music is electronic and grimy,” she reveals.