The rising trend of tattooing

The recent times have seen the tattoo culture growing across the globe as well as in India. What used to be rooted to the Indian tradition has evolved as a pop culture for the younger generation.

Industry experts say how over the years, youngsters have opened up to embrace the culture and are setting trends.

The latest being bigger realistic pieces and tribal motifs.

The recently-concluded ‘Heartwork Tattoo Festival’ in Delhi, which saw participation of 150 tattoo artistes, including 50 international artistes, atleast leaves that impression.

Sameer Patange, co-organiser of the festival and a tattoo artiste from Mumbai, says, “People have lately opened up for bigger pieces. There is an organic shift in the trend which shows people’s interest in realism. Though it has always being people’s favourite, but many did not come forward to have them on their body. But it is not the case now.

“Also youngsters are also showing a lot of interest in tribal designs, which is quite interesting.”

Indians have an inclination when it comes to religious beliefs and it reflects even when getting inked.

Sunny Bhanushali, a participant at the festival, says, “Youngsters wants tattoos of Shiva because He symbolises power and strength. Many people came to me asking for it. Some want it to be drawn on their chest, some on biceps.”

Talking about the detailings, Deepak Tawade, an artiste at Kraayonz Tattoo Studio, Mumbai, shares, “More than just simple lines drawn on their skin, people are going for intricate pieces and lot of detailing and shading. Use of watercolours in an abstract form too has garnered interest, but more females than males opt using colours in their tattoos. ”

The third edition of the three-day festival claims to have seen around 8,000 people getting inked during the event. This number shows that the pop tattoo culture has lately grown in India, and the delusions around the art form has started to fade.