‘Agitating farmers not a trend, says Survey

With farmers agitating in many parts of India, the government’s economic think tank does not see it as a new trend even though the country has travelled from a deficit to surplus farm economy.  Earliest memories recall distress sale of cane sugar in 1978-79 in western Uttar Pradesh, it said. And now, there have been several reports of distress sale by farmers, especially of perishables including in the last few years of tomatoes in Odisha, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, coconuts in coastal Andhra Pradesh, po­t­atoes in Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and West Bengal, on­ions in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha.

“This compilation only intends to highlight that large expansion of output accompanied by normal demand, leaves little room for MSP operations to maintain the floor level of prices,” the economic survey said.