Gizmo Geek: The iPhone X gets a Lux Makeover
Encased in a shock-resistant carbon fibre exterior with a 7- micron 999- standard gold- plating, Caviar iPhone X Tesla includes a customised battery that supports solar charging and a solar charge detector for the same

We truly, honestly thought we were over gold-plated iPhones. Then we got wind of Caviar’s iPhone X Tesla, and all bets were off. The Moscow-based Caviar—best known for their luxury accessories and fancy-fication of existing gadgets—has come up with what they describe as a device for the future. Indeed, anyone who has cursed the battery life of an iPhone will brighten at the mention of “solar-powered charging”.

So, yes, the Caviar iPhone X Tesla does come with a gilded exterior, but it’s hard to cock a snook at it because of aforementioned solar-charging option. Encased in a shock-resistant carbon fibre exterior with a 7-micron 999-standard gold-plating, the phone includes a customised battery that supports solar charging and a solar charge detector for the same. The solar panel not only works under the sun but also charges the phone under any light. (The burning question of how fast the solar battery charges is yet to be answered, though.)

One wishes one could say the black-and-gold casing enhances either Apple’s minimalist design aesthetics or the iPhone X’s understated elegance. In reality, though adding some much-required functionality by way of charging options, Caviar’s makeover more than doubles the phone’s original thickness, and the design leans more on the side of the flashy.

The moniker Tesla is, of course, a tip of the hat to Nikola Tesla, but the Caviar iPhone X case is also inspired by Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, especially honouring the latter’s innovations in green technology. Originally intended as a 99-piece limited edition, Caviar increased the number of units to 999 given the number of preorders they received. Each piece comes with a unique number and the phrase “Made on Earth by humans”, engraved on the side.

Expect to pay between $4,000 and $5,000, give or take, for either a 64-GB or 256 GB-version of the iPhone X Tesla. Apparently, you don’t have to cough until after a “detailed inspection”, even though you might have to pay the import duties and other taxes. The device comes in its own special wooden box, with the usual accessories. Caviar promise a one-year service support warranty, free delivery, and personal transaction consultancy. They foresee this device in the hands of “people who make great discoveries on the edge of human capabilities”, though the requisite bank balance will play a significant role.

If the iPhone X Tesla is just not impressive enough, then might we suggest taking a look at Brikk’s Lux iPhone X Collections, featuring gold, rose gold or platinum plating, starting at $7,495 and going up to $70,000, diamonds optional? Or perhaps, the Bentley edition of the iPhone X—with 18-karat gold trim patterns on the rear glass and a gold ring around the back camera, and the iconic Bentley logo? Only 100 of the latter are rumoured to have been manufactured but little else is known about it. Anyhow, the long and short of it is, if the iPhone X isn’t exclusive enough for you in and of itself, you won’t be short of options to jazz it up.

Payal Dhar