Gizmo Geek: Mouse with a Midas touch
A $26,000-plus computer mouse that comes in a jewellery box, can be personalised with diamond inlays and gold trim

That step between the sublime and the ridiculous might be a small one, but there are those that navigate it with much aplomb that it leaves you speechless. When your line of work involves seeking out outrageous luxury tech every week, you tend to be inured to surprises in this regard. But there are some gadgets that still leave you gobsmacked. Like a $26,000 computer mouse. All we can say is if you’re after a ridiculously extravagant Diwali or Christmas gift for that special someone in your life, you might have just found it.

Manufactured by the Swiss company Pat Says Now, this extraordinary accessory—styled as “the world’s most expensive computer mouse”—is really made out of gold and inlaid with diamonds. The company is known for producing novelty mice as well as other accessories like phone cases and iPad covers, and while their website and social media accounts seem defunct, their products seem to be available from online resellers.

To get back to the magnificent mouse, its upper casing and buttons are set in 18-karat white gold, treated with a palladium alloy and rhodinised to give it a whitish-grey colour. Options of rose or yellow gold are also supposedly available, but it isn’t clear where they can be sourced. The top case is set with 58 brilliant-cut diamonds in the design of a lily (called the Diamond Flower) or an alternative “random” design (the Scattered Diamonds). With the exception of one 4mm centre diamond, the other diamonds that form the flower petals are 2mm. The precious stones are natural and untreated, and the makers promise that no conflict diamonds have been used.

Gold panels set with precious stones are all very well, but about functionality? Yes, this mouse does actually work. It is a three-button optical scroll mouse, with an 800 dpi optical sensor. It comes with both wired or wireless connectivity—a plug-and-play USB and PS/2 connectivity; or a laser mouse with a nano receiver, two AAA batteries included. Installation is simple—mainly just plug it in and wait for the system to recognise it, or pair it wirelessly, and you’re good to go. It works on any system, Windows, Mac OS or Linux, without any additional software. It comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

To look at, the mouse has a somewhat “retro” feel, with a rather blocky body with rounded edges. This is surprising, because even though this diamond-studded mouse came into being in 2010, which was before the current aesthetic of slim-line, minimalistic look took hold, one wouldn’t have expected such a high-end product to harken back to such a 1990s style.

The mouse comes in its own jewellery-box-type case, and can be personalised in terms of the diamond inlays and gold trim. It can be ordered form the UK-based website,, who promise a minimum three-week delivery time. But is the $26,000-plus price tag worth it? Unfortunately, this is a question you will have to answer for yourself. Perhaps it might be a suitable companion for your gold-plated or jewel-studded laptop.

Payal Dhar