Gizmo Geek: Theatre of Dreams
The folks at IMAX can build you your theatre of dreams, promising a home entertainment system like no other and an experience that “transcends reality”

A giant 4K TV screen with a state-of-the art home entertainment system to go with it certainly sounds like a dream viewing experience without having to get out of your pyjamas and stepping out. Even so, it’s just not the same as a movie-hall experience, is it? Not even with popcorn to dip into and a giant fizzy drink to sip. So here’s a thought—what if you could have your very own, private IMAX movie theatre built into your house? Don’t laugh—it can happen, provided of course you have the loose change to fund it.

The folks at IMAX can build you your theatre of dreams, promising a home entertainment system like no other and an experience that “transcends reality”. From watching a live cricket match to streaming a movie from Netflix to protecting the galaxy from malcontent aliens—the IMAX Private Theatre, with topnotch tech and world-class design, can be a personal all-round luxury entertainment paradise.

The entry-level version of the IMAX Private Theatre, called Palais, can be designed for up to 20 seats and can be set up in a space of 45 to 70 square metres. The top-end version, Platinum, can seat up to 40 people and needs 80 to 150 square metres of space. Of course, both come with quality fittings and materials. There are three theatre designs on offer—Studio, State and Luxor—depending on the kind of look you want, from a minimal futuristic one to a more contemporary style.

Needless to say, there’s a lot more to getting an IMAX Private Theatre than just installing a monstrous screen and plonking a few recliners before it. Your home movie hall is designed with the expertise of Theo Kalomirakis, whose high-end home theatre designs are the “gold standard” for those seeking this ultimate luxury extension to their homes.

Flooring, fittings, wall treatments, acoustics—everything is put together by professionals as per specs but tailored to your needs and expectations.

You get dual 4K 2D/3D laser projectors, a curved screen and moveable frame, a proprietary IMAX sound system with quality equalisers and power amplifier, HD multimedia content server and player, and professional 3D glasses among other features. The IMAX Private Theatre comes with movie-hall type seating, and supports HD TV, Blu-ray, DVD/CD, gaming and karaoke; in other words, a complete entertainment space.

You also get a three-year warranty, and remote monitoring and VIP customer service hotline for the same duration. An automatic daily image calibration function and health monitoring helps keep the system in tiptop shape.

All of this will set you back by anything from $400,000 to $1 million, depending on which version of an IMAX Private Theatre you’d like to have. And for an additional $10,000, you could also avail of the Home Premier box, a cool gadget that can stream movies right to your personal theatre as soon as they are released. Popcorn and drinks will be extra, though.


Payal Dhar