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It’s been called a luxury mansion on wheels — little surprise here, for it is touted as the most luxurious mobile home in the world. It has elements inspired by state-of-the-art race cars, luxury limousines and jet cockpits, and comes with a sky lounge on the roof, 42-inch LED televisions and a king-size bed from the British royal family’s bed-makers. All in all, the eleMMent Palazzo Superior from Marchi Mobile is definitely more luxurious than my humble abode. Sure, the $3 million price tag might have a little something to do with it.

For those concerned with stats, this Marchi RV is powered by a Volvo six-cylinder in-line 600 HP engine, with automatic transmission. The vehicle is about 45 feet long, 13 feet in height (20 if you add the sky deck), 8.4 feet wide, and a living space of just under 740 square feet. The cab is made out of carbon fibre.

From the outside, the eleMMent Palazzo Superior has the look of a giant robotic alien shark, but nowhere was the adage about not judging a book its cover more true. For inside, things get really exciting. First, the cockpit — designed to look and feel just like that of a jet, including the panoramic view. The dashboard controls are also jet-inspired. But it’s not all looks, there’s aerodynamics involved.

The two-floor living area, comprising a lounge, master bedroom, kitchen and a pop-up sky deck, feels like you’ve walked into the luxury section of the Starship Enterprise. Quite fitting that all the controls are via a touchscreen control panel and a mobile control unit with remote video.

The Palazzo Superior’s lounge features an extendable sofa, bar furniture, wine cabinet, coffee machine and a refrigerator for drinks. In addition, there is the rooftop sun lounge, with a retractable walk way, automatic sun canopy and integrated lighting and audio, plus an automated lift. In case you are wondering, there is storage space for outdoor lounge furniture. The kitchen unit has it’s own refrigerator (yes, another one), sink, freezer, stovetop and storage cabinets.

The master bedroom, apart from its royal bed, comes with a dressing table/desk and ample storage, and is completely secluded with a sliding door access. Of course, there is a built-in bathroom — dubbed the “spa area”, according to the makers. This 16 square feet area has an electronic rainfall shower with light therapy functions, fancy toilet, towel dryer, and enough mirrors and shelf space to make you forget you’re basically in a glamorous caravan.

There is an on-board media server, two 42-inch LED screens, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, Steinway & Lyngdorf reference audio system, ambient lights, air circulation system, floor heating and plenty more. You can play around with all of this and more via the control panel, of course. Water is provided by two 800-litre tanks, one for fresh water and the other for waste water. There is another 250-litre tank to collect toilet waste.

Clearly, camping is not always about roughing it. In fact, there’s a word for it — glamping.

Payal Dhar