Movie Review: Hardly Thrilling

Kamal Haasan who has written and directed the latest thriller – hardly thrilling though – has managed to produce a messy, often incoherent movie, whose only motive is to further his political journey (or so it appears), which began some months ago. And, to use a cliché, he leaves no stone unturned to talk about his patriotism and hatred for traitors.

Vishwaroopam 2 rolls exactly from the point where the first part ended. Wasim Ahmed Kashmiri (Haasan) is an over-enthusiastic Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) officer, who after having saved New York from going up in flames, sets off to tackle what is billed as “the biggest non-nuclear explosion in the world”.  And Rahul Bose’s Omar Quereshi returns as a mastermind terrorist allowing Haasan’s exploits to get even bloodier. The path is littered with bodies and betrayal, and seemingly innocent men turn dirty and dangerous.

Stranger by far is the fact that a supposedly dangerous assignment is allowed to degenerate into sheer frivolity. It’s a shame how a brilliant actor like Haasan (who can forget him in Nayagan, for instance) could slip into such a shoddy, convoluted sequel, which fails to put its point across. A rank bad effort that is eminently avoidable.