Immigration firewall

For many decades, it was common for Indian families to take the immigration route for their extended kith and kin to migrate to the United States. These included not just the brightest minds in these extended families, but even those who had failed to make a mark in their native land.
For such families, it meant that even manual labour in the Big Apple was a far better option than surviving in their motherland, a country of shortages where supply far outstripped demand.

Sunny days are coming

When it comes to solar, 2016 had been a remarkable year; for the first time solar out-performed fossils fuels on a large scale, thus emerging as the cheaper source of electricity than burning coals in many parts of the world. In addition to this, solar projects are turning out to be cheaper than wind power as well. With this current rate, it could very well be the lowest-cost power option in the world in less than a decade.

The problem called JNU

Reservation is a word that some administrators and intellectuals find problematic. This is in its own way against the tide, for socially inclusive learning and companionship in an egalitarian class room has been the law for several decades, the battle ground being the Mandal agitations in 1992. While the dalit and tribal intake has normalised, because people have adapted to it, reservation for other backward castes (OBC) continues to be opposed in singular ways.

More power to migrants

The entry of the Janata Dal (United) or JD(U) into Delhi politics was an event waiting to happen, and more so after Manoj Tiwari, Bhojpuri singer and actor and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP was appointed the Delhi unit president of his party. So, if the BJP could bring in a Bihari to get political dividend out of the large migrant population in the capital from Bihar, why not have a real Bihari party in the fray? That has now happened with the JD (U) announcing that it would field candidates in all 272 wards in the municipal polls scheduled in the capital.

Cut & Thrust: Interesting times

Russia’s ultra nationalist supreme leader, the all powerful Vladimir Putin last week said that, “It is in everyone’s interest to resume dialogue between the intelligence agencies of the US and other members of NATO. It is absolutely clear that in the area of counter terrorism, all relevant governments, and international groups should work together.” So far so good.

Strip numbers, see truth

Indian Parliament has over has over 34 per cent of MPs with criminal records and the situation is no different across all state Assemblies. The data is much touted around as if to suggest that we have become a nation of criminal rulers. But what escapes us is that a candidate with a criminal record is thrice (18 per cent probability) more likely of winning the elections than a candidate with a clean slate (only 6 per cent). Does it mean that we have also become a nation of voters who love criminals?

Bridge the gap

Corporate houses sho-uld function on a fundamental philosophy that in a free enterprise, community is not just another stakeholder in business, but the very purpose of its existence. In this regard, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) journey of a company should ideally evolve from “giving to the society” to “creating an enabling environment” and finally to “creating self-sustained communities”.

Make it safe, first

The demonetisation drive has transformed yesteryear heroes — Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes — into villains and has made stars out of bit part players, digital payment modes. Now the government is pushing the public to adopt digital transaction habits. Digital payments of all kinds have received an unprecedented fillip since the 8/11 announcement.

Cut & Thrust: Right to the left

The whole tide of history is changing. And the march is inexorable and relentless. The other day, watching BJP MP from Madhubani, Bihar, Hukumdev Narayan Yadav, giving uber gyan on farmer woes in parliament replete with Lalooisms, I couldn’t help but wonder whether the world had turned upside down. After all, here was a right wing BJP MP extolling the virtues of how PM Modi is a messiah for the poor and farmer community. It could well have been a socialist or a UPA constituent speaking, such was the vigour and robustness of his argument.

Startups: Legal essentials

No business is ever about smooth sailing. Starting a “startup” and running the business is about constantly facing new challenges. Failures are common at the beginning of an enterprise. As an entrepreneur, your tenure would be marked with initial hiccups and hit-and-miss opportunities. But legal matters are among few the things usually overlooked by new entrepreneurs, and which become big worries later on. Besides giving shape to your startup, you need to keep yourself updated on the legal essentials to ensure you sail through rough weather with ease.