Economics & polemics

Those who don’t understand economics are bound to rely on economists to get the hang of economy. It can’t get simpler than that. But simplicity is mastered only after overcoming complexities.

One cannot recall when the last time economic slowdown was dissected like the way it is being done now. Thanks to the vigorous, and mostly personalised, debate on the falling national income there is an exponential increase in the exponents of financial matters — from nervous students holding scalpel for the first time to established surgeons, the economic toad has been ripped open by all.

With rating systems, numbers do lie

Every time a flagship smartphone model is launched, the quality of its camera is measured by the DxOmark rating it has received. And companies focus on it a lot. For them, the higher the rating, the better is the smartphone camera. Ergo, they can convince the user to buy their products. Recently, at the launch of Google Pixel 2 phone, the company proudly shared that the smartphone’s camera has the highest ever rating, 98, on DxOmark. The rating system has become the Holy Grail to measure how good the camera is. But sceptics have unearthed why this rating system itself is flawed.

DISEQUILIBRIUM: Language & the message

One often wonders whether the message is in the language, only to find that the language itself is the message. Confused? Shouldn’t be. Simply because pawn sacrifice is something one shouldn’t worry, when one is eyeing the queen in a gambit to emerge as the winner takes all. The yabba dabba doo sound effects over an economic stimulus have died down, but Niti Aayog vice chairman Rajiv Kumar has revived it by pitching for a fiscal stimulus to boost growth with a rider that additional expenditure should be used only for increasing productivity and capital expenditure.

Our varsities need a lot more than money

A day after PM Modi announced autonomy and Rs 10,000 crore to top 10 public and 10 private universities over the next five years to make them world-class institutions, Union Minister of State for Human Resources Development Satyapal Singh on Sunday said the Centre has been working in a strategic manner to transform 10 public and private universities into world-class institutions.

The decaying nilgiris

Tourists, particularly honeymooners, come to Coonoor from all parts of the country. The Sims Garden is laid out in such a way that it has all the appearances of miniaturisation. There are landscaped lawns, many botanical wonders, shrubs and flowering trees and plants. There is a green house, a small pond for boating as well as a children’s park with swings. The general sense of complacence the town has is partly because Ooty has absorbed the administrative buildings and the bulk of tourists.

Turning job seekers into job creators

This is an extraordinary tale of a man, who could not get a job himself because he had no money to bribe, today employs about 40 people. His hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit has indeed been recognised and rewarded and how. Sadashiv Mhaskale, a village boy from the backward Marathwada region, best known for farmers’ suicide in Maharashtra, is one of the two entrepreneurs selected for the prestigious Youth Business International Best Entrepreneur of the year Award for 2017 from 45 countries.

The rewards of awards

Scientists all over the world look forward to the first week of October when the Nobel Prizes for the year are announced. This announcement begins with physiology and medicine and ends with the Nobel Peace Prize. The award relating to economics bear the name of Nobel but does not form a part of the Nobel Prizes given on the basis of Nobel’s will.

Cut & Thrust: Thespian in winter

Mortuus Diu. Amitabh Bachchan is familiar with that expression for he has cheated death twice in his amazing lifetime, once when Puneet Issar punched him in the stomach on the sets of Coolie and then again many years later, a perilous escape with financial ruin. Both times, his grit and determination brought him back. A mistimed jump and punch which Bachchan should have dodged ended up with the star rupturing an intestine. He was rushed from Bangalore to Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital for an emergency splenectomy.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man

Argentina made a trip to Ecuador for their final World Cup qualifying campaign knowing they are in danger of missing out on the world’s biggest football event for only the second time since 1970. The situation looked unpromising, especially after three successive draws in the campaign. Only a victory would keep Argentina alive, with automatic qualification out of reach, that too depending on the other results of the final night of South American World Cup qualifiers.

Raise the benchmark, PM

Those who run out of arguments to prove that staccato of supposedly game changing schemes fired by the Modi government with much fanfare have been a resounding success take a recourse in prime minister’s unblemished integrity and his righteous intention of making a new India.

Having heart in the place of logic is similar to the mind of a teacher who is tempted to give marks purely on beautiful hand- writing of the student who has   answered all the questions wrong.