GST For Dummies

The GST rates at the inception of GST era was ascertained on the theory of revenue neutral rate (RNR) so that the government’s treasury does not get trimmed on account of introduction of GST. However, keeping in view economic driving factors like inflation, CPI and WPI, and looking at the increase in the revenue gradually towards neutrality, the GST Council from the very starting of its meetings engrossed on proper fitment of rate so that the end consumer is not burdened with indirect tax.

Why LLP is a better Choice

Rome is not built in a day. And business empires are not built overnight. Entrepreneur driven company are usually started in small scale and then it grows. But how small can one business unit be ? How much risk appetite does one have? How much capital does one have? Among others, the answers to these questions decide the size of the business structure. We lawyers, usually get asked these questions when someone decides to start a business. Should it be entrepreneur or limited liability partnership (LLP) or a partnership firm or a company.


The kerfuffle over the twin balance sheet problem afflicting Indian’s financial system is not going away in a hurry. Over leveraged corporates and banks encumbered with those bad assets have acted as a drag on earnings for both segments of the economic vector. Companies have gone under, unable to deal with the burden of constant servicing of those loans through interest payments, while a vast swathe have been sent into intensive care for resuscitation. India’s licence permit raj never actually went away, despite the unfettering of what was for years a strictly command economy.

Nuke threat a new norm?

The use of nuclear capability as insurance for its defence, was cited as the main reason by every country, which added nuclear weapons to its armory, ever since it was invented. It spiraled into a competition, which came under some control after realisation of its devastation in Japan, and potentials of mutually assured destruction (MAD). When Israel went nuclear, it developed a survival capability to dissuade all hostile neighbouring Arab countries.

DISEQUILIBRIUM: Foreign Hand In Kashmir

Once is chance, twice is coincidence and third time is a pattern. The pace at which dominos are falling in Kashmir Valley situation seems to suggest that a new overarching pattern has emerged and strangely, the US is its centrifuge. For long, a policy of drift was allowed in Kashmir’s festering sore. Last winter was a wasted opportunity, when a political dialogue could have been initiated by the Centre with various stakeholders, including the separatists. This came against the backdrop of a brutal spiral of violence and bloodletting in the Valley.

How Do We Empower?

Many of the questions that women raise about the safety at the work place is defined in parameters that are legally endorsed. However, like neglect in a stable marriage, where partners may be oblivious of their duties toward each other, because it not convenient, or because competitive attention diverts them, the real questions of gender harassment are diluted by our refusal to recognise them.

Desperate times need desperate measures

Following the alarming rise in the pollution levels in and around the capital in the last two days, the Delhi government on Wednesday announced that all schools in the city will remain closed till Sunday. The drastic measure comes after the air quality index (AQI) touched 448 (AQI above 150 is unhealthy) in a scale of 500, breaching the ‘severe’ category.

Women do need insurance

Lot of people don’t understand the value of wife, until the judge decided the alimony amount”. This aptly summarises the way a life of a women and her contributions are evaluated, thus depriving her of her entitlement to a secure and financial independent life.

India has a population of over 1.2 billion and is amongst the fastest growing economies in the world. But  it still remains one of the many under-insured and un-insured countries in the world.

The Twists and turns of pak

After the London conclave, on October 30, of the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) (PML-N) which agreed to nominate Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab chief minister as their prime ministerial candidate if PML(N) wins a majority in the 2018 general elections, the burgeoning split within the party has been temporarily contained.

Times they Are E-Changin’

Do you know the common point between Kobe Bryant’s retirement announcement, CBS’s revival plan for Star Trek and the recent announcements from the White House and president Donald Trump’s office? All of them were made not on conventional news or sports networks but on various social media platforms. Facebook recently shut down tens of thousands of accounts ahead of last weekend’s election in Germany in an effort to deflate concerns that Facebook might create ideological ‘bubbles’, showing the immense potential social platforms have acquired over the years.