Gift life, gift an organ

As thousands of Indians die every year for lack of an organ, the gift of life through organ donation needs to become a nationwide movement.

Who am i really?

A new trend seems to have emerged these days, I was appalled to be asked whether I am a sickular, bhakt, aaptard or libtard recently. Conversely, Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka brandishes his caste in a telly interview claiming that he is a kshtraiya, a warrior and he doesn’t run away from a fight. Wonder what the world is coming to when your sexual inclination no longer makes news — hetero, metro, gay or whatchamacallit? Neither does your political leaning. What does make news, however, is whether you are prisoner of an ideology and there are new names for the compartments.

Politics at the cutting age

You cannot win the world and then return to find you have lost in your own backyard. Politics is that kind of thing. It is a strange, whimsical beast as Donald Trump must have realised when he became US president but lost in Manhattan, including in an area where he spent his childhood and another that is home to the Trump Tower. Whatever the scale of his victory and his success as president, that loss will always register as an electoral blemish.

What is a nation?

What is a nation, but it’s people? The Constitution is representative of the rights of citizens. We become its upholders when we are able to define our rights, privileges and obligations and can defend it for others who may, for various reasons be robbed of this right. Many of the questions are raised by young people, as essential in proving these rights as individuals, in a globalised world. We need to understand their language. They represent the truth value of their world, their intentions, their drives and their fantasies. Young adulthood is famously experimental.

Unchecked power corrupts

The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the force of the crown.” This statement made by William Pitt in 1763, embodies the inviolable right of individuals to enjoy their property, to the exclusion of the state’s burdening and overbearing might. The principles of life, liberty and property are cornerstones of modern civilisation. Any attempt to curtail a man’s freedom to indulge in his property as he pleases are a direct attack on individual sovereignty.

Let us be aware

From the beginning of this year, the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) have replaced the human development goals. Among 17 of these goals, an important one is number 14 “Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.” In fact, sea water constitutes 97 per cent of world’s water resource. Therefore, contamination of sea water can cause a lot of harm to the ecological security of coastal areas and livelihood security of coastal communities.

Cut & Thrust: The swinging trend

Politics is also about picking out trends. For it is said that you can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data. A spanking new trend line that has emerged over recent years will be a factor in the ongoing Uttar Pradesh polls. Extended elections in multiple phases allow political parties and formations malleability and ductility. I will explain this axiom as we go along. Size is obviously the biggest determinant in such an exercise for Indian states are vast with different kinds of topography.

One more step closer to GST!

At the conclusion of the 10th GST Council meeting on February 18 in Udaipur, Rajasthan, the GST Council formally approved the legally vetted draft of the GST compensation bill that guarantees compensation to states for loss of revenue and addresses most contentious issue for the goods and services tax (GST) rollout. The bill will be placed before the cabinet, ahead of its tabling in Parliament in the second half of the budget session that begins on March 9.

Immigration firewall

For many decades, it was common for Indian families to take the immigration route for their extended kith and kin to migrate to the United States. These included not just the brightest minds in these extended families, but even those who had failed to make a mark in their native land.
For such families, it meant that even manual labour in the Big Apple was a far better option than surviving in their motherland, a country of shortages where supply far outstripped demand.

Sunny days are coming

When it comes to solar, 2016 had been a remarkable year; for the first time solar out-performed fossils fuels on a large scale, thus emerging as the cheaper source of electricity than burning coals in many parts of the world. In addition to this, solar projects are turning out to be cheaper than wind power as well. With this current rate, it could very well be the lowest-cost power option in the world in less than a decade.