What China wants

Looking at the world from Beijing these days cannot be a comfortable situation. Though secure at home, “core leader” Xi Jinping has to contend with the five-yearly Congress of the Communist Party of China later this year. This congress is crucial for Xi to put his own stamp on the party and put in place individuals who will owe their jobs to him and push his policies. Further, they may be the key to Xi getting an unprecedented third term as the General Secretary of the CPC and the President of the country.


On Saturday, the Enforcement Directorate sent a show cause notice to Kolkata Knight Riders and its co-owners Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla in the long running saga of causing a Rs 73.6 crore loss under FEMA in an IPL related case. At the very kernel of the case is the sale of some shares of Knight Riders Sports Pvt Ltd to a Mauritius based firm at a cost lower than their actual value resulting in the alleged loss of foreign exchange amounting to Rs 70 crore and change.

Pitfalls of handing a walkover

Congress workers in Lucknow are said to be behind posters, stuck across the city, mockingly seeking the whereabouts of Prashant Kishor, the vaunted political master strategist who had been passed on to the Congress by the Janata Dal (United) after Nitish Kumar’s election win in November 2015. In a season of despondence, it is commendable that the anger of the drubbing in Uttar Pradesh has been channeled towards dark humour.


Push the enemy into an unreal world, one where he believes what he is being fed and told. At a time when chaos and bedlam are consuming the world, Pakistan’s compulsions regarding China Pakistan Economic Corridor or the One Belt One Road phenomenon are such that it is forced to take certain nebulous decisions against this, India has to safeguard its geo strategic interests at all times.

Right wing is here to stay

By appointing Yogi Aditya-nath as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, prime minister Narendra Modi and his Man Friday Amit Shah might have raised many eyebrows, but the decision to have a branded Hindu hot-head as the head of the UP administration in Lucknow, is in sync with their ideological grounding and larger political objective.
The politics of masks in BJP had ended long ago in early 2000s when Atal Bihari Vajpayee showed the door to RSS ideologue Govindacharya for mocking the liberal minded prime minister as only a face (mukhauta) shielding the hardliner LK Advani.

Indian pharma exits the trauma room

India's generic drugmaking industry is getting wheeled out of intensive care. But is it really going home?
The US Food and Drug Administration this week lifted the import ban on a factory that Mumbai-based Sun Pharmaceutical Industries inherited as part of its takeover of Ranbaxy Laboratories. The plant, in Punjab state, became the third owned by Ranbaxy to be shut out of the US when the FDA imposed the prohibition in September 2013, causing the Indian company to lose a third of its market value in one day.

Jeeva’s son, Muthu

Muthu Krishnan came to the city with one thought in mind. To become an intellectual. A Dalit intellectual has various obligations, which include being part of a larger community, and working for that community. He brought with him the love for his grandparents, parents and siblings, and the idea that he owed them a universe. When he wrote, he constantly described himself as Jeeva’s Son. Jeeva, the labourer, he hoped, would one day greet him, Muthu, as the one who had a degree, who would one day have the title of Dr before his name.

Slick it ain’t for sure

Finance minister while presenting the budget for 2017-18 made an interesting announcement which will have far reaching consequences for the petroleum sector. He expressed a policy intention of developing an oil major in the public sector which will be able to match the performance of international and domestic private sector oil and gas companies. His rationale for this decision was creation of new opportunities to strengthen central public sector enterprises (CPSE) through consolidation, mergers and acquisitions.

Gift life, gift an organ

As thousands of Indians die every year for lack of an organ, the gift of life through organ donation needs to become a nationwide movement.

Who am i really?

A new trend seems to have emerged these days, I was appalled to be asked whether I am a sickular, bhakt, aaptard or libtard recently. Conversely, Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka brandishes his caste in a telly interview claiming that he is a kshtraiya, a warrior and he doesn’t run away from a fight. Wonder what the world is coming to when your sexual inclination no longer makes news — hetero, metro, gay or whatchamacallit? Neither does your political leaning. What does make news, however, is whether you are prisoner of an ideology and there are new names for the compartments.