Aabpara headquartered ISI’s dreaded and secretive S Wing may have given the recent judicial coup in Pakistan the necessary nudge and wink to topple yet another democratically elected leader. What it does is bring to the political forefront Shahbaz Sharif, chief minister of Punjab and one of the chief patrons of the deadly dangerous Jamaat ud Dawa.

Disequilibrium: PHULPUR - LAST STAND

The Modi-Shah combine have shown that they have more feints up their sleeves than those in classical Swiss watch movements. Staggered at the scale of the bloodless coup engineered by Amit Shah and Nitish Kumar in Bihar where an existing Mahagathbandhan was overturned almost overnight with great alacrity, the Opposition could only cry betrayer and back stabber. The reality is that their maladroitness and ineptitude has been found out once again.

Ontario, India’s natural fit

As early as 1970, Ontario in Canada has been known as the ‘Province of Opportunity’, with Indians establishing a presence there as early as 1903.  With a recent wave of economic and policy reforms, business in Ontario is looking very attractive to India.

Seeing ‘i’ to ‘i’ in food security

Our prime minister’s recent visit to Israel is a historic one since this is the first time that a prime minister of India is visiting this remarkable country. Apart from our relationships in agriculture, water security and climate risk management, we have a long record of friendship with Israeli people. I shall cite one example.

Tech it forward

On the first of July, after a lot of excitement, confusion and concerns, GST has finally been rolled out all across India. The path breaking and highly anticipated tax reform which was in the works for at least a couple of decades is expected to greatly simplify the ease of doing business in a similar manner across the length and breadth of India.

Cut & Thrust: Feeding the frenzy

The little guy is always going to have a slingshot and someone is going to pay for it — Vietnam and Afghanistan characterise this bloody guerrilla war — where the heavy hitters were roiled brutally. Using the topography to his advantage, the little guy has always managed to reprise the David bests Goliath story. In all such guerrilla wars, there is always an inflection point where the little guy stops running and starts hunting.

Greening the gap

We are entering a new era of green finance. An increasing focus on the environment has spurred global leaders and corporations into taking action to address climate change and our effect on the environment as we strive to continue developing. This transition into a greener, more sustainable future will present new opportunities for business growth and much needed investment into developing countries. This is where the green bond product has found its niche in the market.

Record growth

Developing a global oil major

A few days back government announced its decision to merge HPCL with ONGC. Finance minister, while presenting the budget for 2017-18, had expressed a policy intention of developing an oil major in the public sector which will be able to match the performance of international and domestic private sector oil and gas companies. His rationale for this decision was creation of new opportunities for CPSEs through consolidation, mergers and acquisitions.

What is poverty?

Very often, we wonder, sitting in the quiet of our homes, while the TV blares intermittently, how people out in the streets start turning violent. The state is always quick to respond with water cannons, tear gas, and ofcourse lathis. The urban contexts in which these demonstrations turn violent, is ofcourse already febrile. People come out in the streets when they have no water, electricity, food, or freedom.

The ExtraOrdinary man

ON March 2, while all our families and friends were busy celebrating the marriage of my son and I was busy greeting guests, I saw a statesman looking little stressed yet composed, gracefully walking towards me holding a stick in hand. When I realised it was the great Naresh Chandra, I was elated, but my heart sunk for a moment seeing a pale shadow of his previous vibrant self.  In fact, on that occasion we were meeting after a long gap  and I was touched that the man I always admired and looked up to came to bless the newlywed couple. I silently prayed for his good health.