Bangalore retains top tech job creator position with 22% stake

Bangalore continues to be the lead tech job creator in the country with 22 per cent of all IT job positions, followed by Delhi-NCR, which originated 11 per cent opportunities for techies, as per a study conducted by job site, Indeed, based on the hiring data collected for a period of three years between May 2015 and May 2018.

After the duo, Pune comes at the third place with 10 per cent, following by Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai, which generated 9, 8 and 7 percentage of the total technology jobs in the country respectively.

Bangalore is the leading city for those seeking job opportunities in the technology sector, by a considerable margin. Smaller cities including Mohali (3 per cent) and Ahmedabad (4 per cent) saw a fair share of job postings in the sector, said the company.

Discussing the ranking of cities in providing jobs, Managing Director of Indeed Sashi Kumar emphasised on the use and adoption of new technology by companies time to time.

"Organisations should constantly keep evolving with the advent of new technologies, be it artificial intelligence, machine lear-ning or big data analytics, because technologies always bring opportunities for job seekers," Kumar said.

However, he added, while there are ample jobs available in India, the need of the hour is talent that is adequately skilled to fulfil the responsibilities the job entails. Employers all over the world are in search of employees with the ability to continuously upskill themselves, and thus continue to stay relevant to the organisation.” There is a consistent demand for professionals in the sector, with jobs outnumbering talent, due to a persistent skill gap or ability mismatch, the study observed.