Investments in disruptive tech yielding results: Premji

Wipro chairman Azim Premji on Thursday said the company is witnessing its early investments in ‘disruptive’ technologies in­c­reasingly result in successful outcomes.

“We at Wipro are seeing our early investments in disruptive technologies increasingly result in succ­e­ssful outcomes with clie­nts and markets, wh­ich are early adopters of such new age technologies,” Premji said.

Addressing the 72nd annual general meeting of the company, he said “this journey has only just begun and we are continually calibrating and aligning ourselves to make our clients successful, and to be at the forefront of what our industry can offer.”

“Our growth in the banking, financial services, insu­rance space and now on the consumer side is a testimony to this,” he added.

According to Premji, global signs are turning positive.

Since the start of 2017, most of the large global eco­nomies have been doing better than in the last few years, while developments in technology have been gathering extraordinary pace, he said.

“Growth expectations for India and some of our key international markets including US, countries in Europe and in Asia Pacific, are better than the year gone by,” he said.