RecordTv introduces Blaze, an AI bot

After successful stint by RecordTv, founded by Carlos Fernandes, recently launched (Artificial Intelligence) AI-based conversational bot “Blaze”. It searches web for news, tweets, videos and delivers them right away at Facebook messenger.

According to Carlos, “bots are the one of the most national form of communication and through which we can migrate and guide users few transactions in an interactive way that better encloses to the human closest experience.”

“Blaze is your personal, intelligent “news buddy”.  It is not an app. It doesn’t require a download. It messages you, just like a friend - through a chat message on messenger. The bot gets to know user and shares information and topics that user might be interested in” he added.

The Blaze is based on B2B business model, notwithstanding the fact that it will run direct to consumer service.

“So what we started with is we noticed that some of the statistics shows that 85 per cent of all usage of the apps is on three major applications out of which two are messenger. Hence one of the most important apps is your messenger and that is one of the channels we believe in future. Through that channel we are delivering a combination of news and satire. News is from original news organization but the satire is basically user-generated satire, where people created a visual commentary on the top of the main story,” he further added.    

Blaze allows individuals to explore the ongoing trends across Top Stories, Cricket, Bollywood, Startups, Business and International news. With its unique feature called ‘Create your own Blaze’ one can consume and insert a visual commentary - whether editing the news image, uploading an image or doing a video that attaches to the story. It basically integrates news and entertainment - two traditionally distinct categories.

Carlos started this app with few hundred thousand dollars and is looking for further funding. “ We have already talked to couple of people in India because we are planning to growing an Indian team. We have planned on getting some of the hottest news tech companies.”