The password conundrum

Technology is making our lives easier every day:  with just a few taps on our mobile phones, we can summon our rides or get whatever delivered at our doorstep. But the way the technology is spreading its wings is making it more vulnerable to external attacks.

In the recent past database of Yahoo, Apple, Sony and many other multinational organisations have been hacked and millions of users’ personal data have been sold online. Hence, it is advisable to have different password for every account you make. But tech enthusiasts ensure you to make passphrases and not just a password that can be breached easily. But to remember all this information can be a hassle for many. Many accounts, like Apple, make you to add a numeric digit or some special character. This is done to make your password a little bit tougher to breach. And many times such an obligation makes it difficult for the user to remember such vital information.

But, there is one solution to solve this problem — a password manager, a tool that stores all your passwords at one place. While there are many password managers available, like Dashlane, Sticky Password, Zoho Vault and RoboForm, trust is an hurdle the users have to cross. And the one that shines out is an application called LastPass.

The LastPass password manager generates a complete random password for all your accounts linked to his application. How it works is that it makes you create one master password, which you have to remember at any cost. The catch is you don’t have to remember the password created by the application for the accounts attached. And if you wish to change the password for any of your account, like say Facebook, then you have to log in to this app and it’ll generate a new password every time you ask for it.

Even with the reliability and providing a much-needed relief by managing all your passwords it is not considered a 100 per cent safe option. As in the past, the servers of big companies being hacked making the users’ data vulnerable. But even with the susceptibility of being hacked, these password managers are a handy solution which promises to make our life a little better.