Indian IT industry vows work-life balance
The Indian IT industry is determined to support mothers to return to their careers by helping create a work-life balance for women, says Nasscom, the IT industry body.
As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance diversity and inclusivity in the sector and build a robust ecosystem for returning mothers, Nasscom on Wednesday launched a report – ‘Facilitating Returnships : Providing Infrastructure to Returning Mothers’ in partnership with Mercer, a leading human resources consulting firm. The report showcases the IT-BPM industry’s readiness to support new mothers, who want to return to their careers, focusing on the impact of child care provision at the workplace.
According to the report, which was based on a survey and discussions with over 100 firms who have child care practices, organisations in the sector are striving to provide a conducive environment to returning mothers. The report also said that the industry is already trying to offer maternity leave benefits, which are much above the Indian statutory requirements of 12 weeks, showcasing that companies are more proactive in parental support by not waiting for the act to change.
“We often see women employees leaving after the birth of a child due to lack of a supportive environment, where balancing professional development and childcare becomes strenuous. With this report, we aim to analyse and address the drivers of female participation that should be used to maximise the engagement and productivity,” said Ashok Pamidi, senior director, Nasscom.
“The study is aimed at providing insights into international legal frameworks and best practices in employer-sponsored child care. We believe that it is the need of the hour and bring back some of the best employees who otherwise choose to stay at home due to personal commitments,” said Mansee Singhal, principal, Talent, Mercer.
D Govardan