Karnataka emerges top investment destination

Karnataka this year, until July 2018, has attr-acted Rs 77,807 crore industrial investment prop­o­s­als, marking a 28.88 per cent increase in quantum of investment offers compared with same period last year.

As per the department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP) data, Karnataka topped the list of investment offers, followed by Gujarat wh­ich received Rs 49,209 cr­ore proposals, Rajasthan Rs 32,970 crore, Maharas-htra Rs 25,411 crore and Punjab at 5th position received Rs 19,522 crore investments proposals.

During this period, Karnataka received 69 projects, a 6.18 per cent increase over the same period last year. Gujarat received as many as 282 projects during this period, a 25.27 per cent incre­a­se, however, values around these projects were below Rs 50,000 crore.

Maharashtra attracted 194 projects worth Rs 25,411 crore this year, while Rajasthan received Rs 5,613 crore in 97 projects.

In 2017, Karnataka saw in­vestments worth Rs 1,52,118 crore around 194 projects, a 38.48 per cent and 9.84 per cent rise over the previous year in terms of investment and number of projects, respectively.

Last year, Gujarat receiv­ed Rs 79,068 crore investments in over 428 projects; a 20 per cent and 21.70 per cent rise, respectively, over previous year. In 354 projects, Maharashtra received investment of Rs 48,581 last year. In the same period, Rajasthan attracted Rs 7,552 crore in 99 projects.

KJ George, minister for la­rge, medium industries, said, “Karnataka is number one in the country again in receiving investment propo­sals. Our pr­iority is to channelize these offers in a right way. We will ensure that all these create a positive impact on the local community in terms of sourcing and employment creation.”