Disequilibrium: Hindu the new centrifuge in Hindustan

Talk of the law of diminishing returns kicking in abounds as the political mercury begins to soar in the lead up to 2019. Both the PM and BJP party president seem unperturbed as they reckon a rising tide will lift all boats once again and a 2014 redux will be visible. Is it bluster or merely optimism misplaced? Or is there a plan which will help deliver these numbers? A boilerplate which can't go wrong? An ironclad calculus which cannot go awry predicated on majoritarianism and anti minorityism, plugging and playing into the overarching Hindu sentiment pervading in the country.

Disequilibrium: Republic Of Khichdi

Are both the BJP and Congress reading the tea leaves wrong for the battle of 2019? In their visceral hatred for one another, they continue to obsess about each other and perhaps this will allow both to be blindsided by the ragtag bobtail army of federal chieftains who are waiting to bushwhack them. Lying as they are in wait to ambuscade them, driven into the ground due the BJP’s heft of majoritarianism over the last four years.

DISEQUILIBRIUM: Beware the peddlers of pelf

Nature it is said abhors a vacuum. While the Supreme Court needs to be complimented for attempting to dislodge the well entrenched zamindars who have ruled Indian cricket for aeons, the diarchy in place is leaving room for jiggery pokery.

DISEQUILIBRIUM: Dodging the bullet

This is just a flavour of some of the text messages that this writer has received over the last couple of days from pump and dump operators. Cartels operating in clear contravention of the law are busy ramping up share prices of dubious companies.